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I was born somewhere in the country, that much I know. It always smelled of hay and horse dung.

My origins are a bit of a mystery. My maternal unit was a Dalmatian, paternal unit "something black that traveled in the night". I don't really remember much of anything before I was adopted by my current owner. Except my fierce dedication to bird chasing, that is. That's been with me

Right now we live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. There's a great yard to kick around in and some killer fields where I can really let loose.

I don't like to talk about myself much.
Here's my FAQ list:

Mickey, I hope this isn't too personal but are you neutered?
Yes I am. After the operation I had to wear that stupid cone around my head so I wouldn't lick. It's hard to look dignified in one of those.

What's your favorite season?
Summer. Lots of birds.

What's the easiest/fastest type of garbage bag to rip open? (P.S. I am a small dog and can only do so much damage. I gotta work quick.)
In my experience, dollar-store bags are the easiest but their cheap fabrication means that they rip into lots of little pieces and increase your risk of choking on a bit of plastic. It ain't fun, buddy.

Mickey, what's the deal with Dalmatians and firehouses?
Beats me. I don't think I have that gene. All I know is I have no desire to be anywhere near a fire or a place where loud alarms go off at all hours and people come sliding down a pole like a bunch of monkeys going apewild over a breakfast of bananas. It's just not my thing. But whatever wags your tail...

What's your full name and what nicknames do you go by?
Michael Finnegan Murphy. I respond to any and all of the following: Mickster, Mic Mac, Mister Finnegan, Tory Rascal, Mixmaster, Michael Joe O'Hara....... And of course, the number one sound I respond to...chirp, chirp, tweet, tweet.

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